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Holistic Living, Healthy Ageing
& Cancer Awareness

Living With, Through and Beyond Cancer

In today's era of stressful, competitive and hectic life style, we tend to neglect our own health. We always care for the whole family but when it comes to our own health, we are on back foot.

This mindset of putting the profession and family before one's own health is typical in every home and that is the biggest health mistake we make. "The best place to find ourselves is our own body". It is our primary responsibility to keep our body healthy to enjoy this beautiful life at the fullest.

Way To Holistic Living And Healthy Ageing

  • How to rejuvenate our Mind, Body and Soul and to have a state of complete harmony ?
  • What are high energy food and nutraceuticals ?
  • How to reduce intake of unhealthy food items ?
  • The life mantra - Excercise, excecise & excercise.
  • Yes, it is possible to reduce tummy - Obesity and overweight management.
  • Various ways to keep your brain active - Brain excercises.
  • Sleep management - sleep like a baby.
  • The buzz word - "Lifestyle" How to achieve the work-life balance ?
  • The Stress Management. How to "De-stress" the "stress" ?
  • Mind management, relaxation techniques and Meditation.
  • Ways to Bliss of Love & Spiritual Abundance.
  • Which extra tests should be included in your general health check-ups ?
  • What are 8 Warning Signs of cancer ? Cancer Awareness and Screening.
  • Empower yourself - De-addiction therapies.
  • How to motivate ourselves and move ahead from mere information to transformation ?

And many more things which every doctor may not tell you....
To find the answers of all above ever lingering questions in our mind....
Be the audience of lucid script, engaging interactions and enlivening dialogue with Dr Sachin Marda.

Dr Sachin will hold emotions instead of scissors, allure the audience instead of attending patients... all to treat with messages on Holistic Living, Healthy Ageing and various ways to Happiness.

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